Meet the Staff

Dr. David B. Todd, D.V.M
Dr. Todd graduated from the University of Georgia with a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree in 1976. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science in 1973.

He is originally from Independence, VA., and will retire on his family’s horse farm to raise horses full-time in his later years. He grew up on a dairy and beef farm, helping his grandfather take care of cattle and daily operations of the farm. He had worked for Dr. Donald Fincher, a veterinarian in Galax, VA., for three summers while in veterinary school. Dr. Curtis Fincher, Dr. Donald Fincher’s brother, owned a small animal practice in Charlotte, NC. This connection of veterinarian brothers opened up a door for employment after graduation from UGA for Dr. Todd in Charlotte. He and his wife moved to Charlotte for him to start his career and to raise a family. He has two children and two grandsons.

Dr. Todd also grew up riding and raising quarter horses and competing in barrel racing competitions during high school and college. He has always loved science and the outdoors, loved his small and large animal companions, and enjoyed time with his family. Although living in a city, raising children, and owning a business limited his horse time for several years, he has in the last ten years gotten back into raising, training and riding horses. He spends his spare time on the farm in Virginia, fencing, building barns, taking care of his quarter horses, and playing with his grandsons.

He enjoys the people he interacts with on a daily basis in the Queen City as clients, neighbors, locals in the community, friends that he has known for over thirty years, and other local businesses that he supports in the neighborhood. Don’t be surprised when you meet him if he talks about horses or his grandsons and shows you pictures! Dr. Todd has also enjoyed, in over his thirty years of practice, all of the high school and college students who have worked with him in the summers and enjoys seeing them return to share what they have done in life. If you happen to be one of them, please stop by and say hello!




Ms. Slocum has been with Charlotte Veterinary Clinic since sometime in the 1960s. She is originally from Georgia. She started working here after her first child was born and worked with Dr. Fincher as a receptionist. She remained with Dr. Todd after he took over the practice. Over the years, she has cut down on her hours but continues to work a few hours each day doing the books and paying the bills. Clients that have been coming here for years know her well. She is truly loved by many and appreciated for all that she has done over the years — and continues to faithfully do — for the practice.


Ginny started working at the Charlotte Veterinary Clinic in 1995. She has been at different times, the receptionist, the client educator, friend of the animal in need, friend of the clients, kennel assistant, and veterinary assistant for 16 years with the practice.

She has been in the animal health care field overall for 23 years.  Prior to finding her heart’s calling she was a hairstylist and owned her own business. She grew up just around the block from the practice and knows the neighbors and clients very well. She enjoys working with pets due to the unconditional love they have and really is a good momma to the pets and employees here. She has a huge heart and special touch with our four-legged friends.  Ginny's interest in animal care lies primarily in helping senior pets and behavioral training. She has a German Shepherd that she spends her time with.


Amber joined the practice in July of 2012.  She primarily is a kennel assistant although she is learning other areas of the practice.  She hopes to enroll in a veterinary technician program in the future.  Amber has an eclectic mixture of dogs at home. 




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